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  • Founded in February 2013, Tuyoo Games is a leading developer and publisher in China’s fast growing interactive entertainment industry. With more than 10 million daily active users all over the world, our company has made a wide range of mobile games, including poker games, such as Tuyoo Landlord Poker, Tuyoo Mahjong, Дурак Новый, and Solitaire Tripeaks,casual games, such as Panda Cube Smash and Tuyoo Fishing Mania, puzzle games, such as Word Relax, and mid-core games, such as Three Kingdoms and Riddles, serving around 400 million users.  Recommended by mainstream App Stores, Tuyoo Games has over the years accumulated a considerable number of R&D patents, winning awards from widely-recognized professional communities and organizations. Headquartered in Beijing with branch offices located in Shenzhen, Changsha, Xi’an, and North America, our more than 600 employees are committed to developing high quality mobile games to empower and entertain players across the globe.


    Localization Specialist
    1.Providing customer support in localized language (English or Russian);
    2.Dealing with customer service issues, and gathering players’ feedbacks.
    3.Translating the game content and copywriting into localized language.
    4.Planning and operating localized activities for overseas games in social media.
    5.Copywriting and writing advertising proposal.
    1.Interest to games and rich experience in playing games, especially in SLG.
    2.Brand awareness and service awareness.
    3.Fluent Chinese
    4.Logical thinking, responsibility, excellent execution, communication and teamwork skills, self-driven awareness, good at observation and introspection.

    Workplace – Beijing (part-time and full-time)
    Salary – negotiable
    Art Consultant
    1.Consulting the project team regarding role modeling, characters, UI, elements, whether the story is interesting for users in European and American market;
    2.Guidance and solving problems existing in the art of the project team in the form of drawing and modification.
    3.If needed, holding video conferences to ask questions and explain on the spot
    1.Experience in production of match3 games, participation in the project from the beginning till publishing
    2.Have a comprehensive ability to control the project art, understand the process of each link of the project art, including the concept art, UI, special effects.
    3.Can do art style setting, strong art professional ability, can put forward professional suggestions for the original painting, UI, special effects and other parts.
    4.Please attach portfolio, CVs without portfolio will not be checked

    Workplace – remote (part-time and full-time)
    Salary – negotiable
    Community Artist / Marketing Artist
    1.Make game promotion pop ups and pop ups for various holidays and festivals.
    2.Create a Facebook fan page activity plan to support the operation of the fan page.
    3.Propose more and better marketing art solutions for the game.
    1.Interest to online games, not less than 3 years of working experience in online games industry.
    2.Basic Chinese level if work full-time in China
    3.Please attach portfolio, CVs without portfolio will not be checked

    Workplace – Beijing or remote (part-time or full-time)
    Salary – negotiable
    Game Artist
    1.Responsible for art support for casual games, board games, etc.;
    2.Assist in completing the concept painting art task according to the descriptions and requirements;
    3.Responsible for the concept painting design of characters, scenes, icon props, etc.
    4.Responsible for the design of game animation and special effects in the product
    5.Responsible for game posters and drawing of poster related resources
    1.Art design related majors, skilled in drawing software such as Photoshop or Painter.
    2.At least 3 years’ experience in game concept painting related projects, good at all styles.
    3.Please attach portfolio, CVs without portfolio will not be checked
    4.Animation experience is preferred; game 2D art outsourcing work experience is preferred.
    5.Can quickly complete the concept painting and animation special effects design of a mobile game project.
    6.Love the game industry, initiative, responsible, able to work under pressure.
    7.Good communication and coordination skills and strong team spirit.
    8.Please attach portfolio, CVs without portfolio will not be checked

    Workplace – Beijing or remote
    Salary – negotiable
    Concept Artist (Characters and backgrounds)
    1. Responsible for the characters and scenes required for the in-game project (slots);
    2. Responsible for drawing game posters and publicity pictures;
    3. According to the requirements, cooperate with the development to complete the design and optimize the performance of the final entry into the game;
    1.More than 3 years of work experience in concept art of slots games,
    2.Possessing good visual expression, solid foundation of art painting, composition ability, and hand-drawing ability; active thinking, strong creative ability, in line with the art style of the project, ensuring design innovation and recognition
    3.Good communication and execution, proactive and team-oriented, and love the game industry. Familiar with drawing software, familiar with 3D is preferred;
    4.Please attach portfolio, CVs without portfolio will not be checked